Auto Macro Recorder

Auto Macro Recorder

Macro Recorder

Auto Macro Recorder is a powerful yet easy-to-use software application that allows you to record specific actions, including mouse clicks and keyboard input, and run them repeatedly to automate a function.

This program simplifies your repetitive tasks and saves you time so that you can do other things. Auto Macro Recorder records all operations and writes them into a script file automatically so that you can run the script and automate your task.

Scripts in this tool are editable, so you can do changes in actions from time to time to suit your need. This is a convenient tool that anybody can use.

No need for special knowledge on programming: just follow the easy steps. Record an action, save it to turn it into a script and replay the action.

You can record actions even for programs that do not support macros. Other included features of Auto Macro Recorder are support timer, debug mode, command line tool, repeat action, show repeat status, judge if windows or file exists, replay speed adjustment, remote control and networking support.